About Locksmith Chicago IL

Secrets of Locksmithing and the importance of using Chicago Locksmith

The secret to being a successful locksmith is highly valued at Chicago Locksmith. There are many secrets to Locksmithing that the rest of the world doesn’t know about, and Chicago Locksmith would like to divulge a few to you. The following secrets are courtesy of Chicago Locksmith and will hopefully allow you to realize the truth behind the scenes of locksmithing.


  1. When calling a locksmith, it is always better to call just one, and hopefully you will call Chicago Locksmith. When calling multiple locksmiths, you run the chance of them all arriving at the same time. If this is the case, you may lose all of them at once or even worse, they will all charge you for coming out to meet you. In this case, it’s always better to call Chicago Locksmith to ensure the best service and timely meeting. At Chicago locksmith, expect a minimal wait time compared to the other locksmithing companies around.
  2. When letting your friend or neighbor borrow your key, call Chicago Locksmith to create a new set of keys for your door. You should do this rather than going straight to the home improvement store. If necessary, Chicago Locksmith can make the keys work for a specific door, and will not be able to unlock a deadbolt, meaning your friend or neighbor can only come in when they have permission to. Chicago Locksmith stresses this fact to customers who are considering handing their keys to another.
  3. The fact of the matter is, keys that specifically say, “Do not duplicate or replicate” are duplicated all the time, and Chicago locksmith cannot stress this enough. When Chicago Locksmith creates an important set of keys and locks for you, they will remind you of the importance of this fact.
  4. Chicago Locksmith will stress to customers that services done in the middle of the night will be charged at a higher rate than normal. The saying is that if a person is out that late the price could be doubled. According to Chicago Locksmith, if the person stuck has enough money to be out at a nightclub that late, they have the money for the service.
  5. When hiring a locksmith, always be aware of the standard rate of their services. At Chicago Locksmith, they charge what a premium locksmith company deserves to charge, and with this fee comes the guarantee of Chicago Locksmith as well as the expertise provides by Chicago Locksmith employees.