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Threat and prevention of lock bumping

Lock bumping or otherwise known as key bumping is a skill that the crime world uses to wipe even the minor traces of your home and family security. Incidences of break-in crimes are increasing in almost all cities. However, people are still not aware of what the term lock bumping means, who all it can impact, and how they can counter it.Chicago Locksmith employs professionals who can save you from this dangerous crime.

What lock bumping is about:

Lock bumping is a practice of applying pressure to a distinct ‘bump key’ that causes the inner pins or tumblers of an orthodox lock to jump out of their place. This allows the key to turn within seconds. Moreover, with advanced videos and instructions available on the Internet, the keys for locks are quite easy to come by. The entire lock bumping set is on sale for a very little amount in the market. In fact, it is speculated that 90 percent of American homes are prone to lock bumping, without even recognizing its potential. People think locks and monitored security systems are enough to ensure complete home security for them. However, the reality is much different than that. This is whyChicago Locksmith advises you to take our services so that we can save you from this revolutionary spectrum of skilledtheft.Chicago Locksmith always keeps striving to innovate and produce the best locks to counter skilled thefts like this.

The most worrying factor in lock bumping is that if you do not have any proof of unauthorized entry, your insurance policies may not be enough to pay for losses and damages caused by theft. The reason why lock bumping is on such a rise is because it does not leave any traces of forced intrusion or any evidence. So if you suffer from lock bumping at your place, you will not only lose your property, but you are also most unlikely to receive any compensation for the loss.Chicago Locksmith always considers these factors and we ensure your security by providing you with best quality locks.

Chicago Locksmith professional can provide you just the kind of security that these thieves can never break through. Our locks are so sturdy and specially designed that it is almost impossible for somebody to bump open them.

Unluckily, most locks that you get today are very susceptible to lock bumping. These locks cannot resist the security threat caused by lock bumping. Nevertheless,Chicago Locksmith locks pass through stringent quality and standard checks before they reach you. So you can be rest assured of the top quality products from us.  It does not hurt to spend a little amount on your personal security against such threats and ensure a high level of home security for yourself.Chicago Locksmith makes locks that not only stop the phenomenon of lock bumping at your place, but also keep burglars or thieves from picking locks. Also, you are not exposed to the threat of somebody making copies of lock keys to your home, without your permission.

High security locks fromChicago Locksmithcan provide you with an excellent home protection. Moreover, these locks protect you against lock bumping.